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Article of the day: CAN 2021: COCAN office presented to clubs

Date of publication: February 12, 2018 at 08:58:33 pm

The president of the Organizing Committee of the CAN 2021 (COCAN 2021), Lambert Feh Kessé presented, this February 7th, the members of his office to the presidents of football club. Opportunity for the man to call the presidents to find a solution to the crisis that shakes Ivorian football. They are 17, the men and women chosen by the Ivory Coast to succeed the bet of the organization of the CAN 2021. They compose the COCAN which is chaired by Lambert Feh Késsé, the former Director General of Taxes. On February 7th, the man introduced the members of his commando. We remember that Aduo Luc (Satde Abidjan) and Georges Ezalé (USC Bassam) are the only presidents of football clubs. Sory Diabaté and Déhoulé Omer, a member of the FIF Executive Committee are also there. Notably, no footballer is a member of COCAN. However, Feh Kessé reassures. "All clubs have their place in COCAN. We are waiting for you to join the technical commissions, "said the president of COCAN. So, the man called the leaders of Ivorian football to peace. "We are neither from one side nor the other. We must find a solution to the crisis for the interest of Ivorian football ".

The 17 members of COCAN 2021

- Késsé Feh Lambert (President)

- Sory Diabaté (First Vice President)

- Sekongo Daouda (2nd Vice President)

- Aduo Luc Kouamé (3rd Vice-President)

- Assahoré Konan Jacques (Finance Committee)

- Divisional Commissioner Major Kouyaté Youssouf (Security)

- Ezaley Georges Philippe (Transport)

- Dehoulé Omer (Match organization)

- Somet Jean-Marie (Cultural and Tourist Affairs)

- Mrs. Yoda Mariame Koné (Infrastructures)

- Dr. Kouassi Parfait (Mobilization)

- Dr. Sissoko Jacques (Health)

- Raux-Yao Kouassi Athanase (Legal Affairs)

- Mahama Coulibaly (Promotion and Marketing)

- Kouassi Ko Emmanuel (Communication)

- Aan Jean Marc (Home)

- Anit Kouamé François (Hosting)

- Ms. Basque Leon Nathalie (Executive Secretary)

- N'Goran Essan Emile (Deputy Executive Secretary)




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