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"FOOTINTER SARL" is a one-man limited liability company with its registered office in Abidjan-Côte d'Ivoire, under the Taxable Account N°CC 1648884 B , registered in the Trade and Personal Property Credit Register of the Commercial Court of Abidjan under the number RCCM CI-ABJ-2016-B-25178 .

Its corporate purposes are:

  • The promotion of football and sport in general
  • Sports management and advices for all its components
  • The promotion and sponsorship of young talents, training centers, clubs, agents and any or activity in sports.
  • The production, use and promotion of sport activities
  • The organization of sport events, meetings, tournaments, digital games and all sport activities.
  • The conception, organization and management of digital, material and physical advertising spaces
  • The vulgarization of ICTs in the sports environment, etc.

  • FOOTINTER SARL mainly focuses its activities on promoting Football Actors via its platform is a social network dedicated to actors, professionals and fans in football. It promotes profiles of these actors by sharing their resumes, pictures, videos and any other information about them.

    Our objectives:

    1. Promote talents among professional and amateur footballers,

    2. Create an efficient network between clubs and training centers all around the world,

    3. Enable clubs and training centers to propose their players and recruit,

    4. Enable clubs and training centers to promote themselves, forge and develop partnerships and sponsorships,

    5. Enable players' agents to have an incubation center where they can find football talent and wonders.

    6. Provide a showcase for football players to increase their popularity and market value.